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Our Collection

Luxury Collection Melee Diamonds at Shining Star

Luxury Collection

Clarity: IF-VVS         Colour: D-F

Our luxury collection will bring out the best fire and brilliance to your high end jewellery articles.

An exceptional collection with no flaws and bright like a stellar.

$875 - $1000 /ct

Colourless Eye Clean Collection Melee Diamonds

Colourless Eye Clean

Clarity: VVS-VS        Colour: D-F

Colourless eye clean collection have very little flaws with beautiful white brightness.

Our high quality cut enhances the luster of this collection

$700 - $850 /ct

Colourless SI Collection Melee Diamonds

Colourless SI

Clarity: VS-SI    Color: D-F

Colourless SI have visible inclusions when seen from a 10x Loupe with an iconic colourless look.

$600 - $750 /ct

Wholesale lots of melee diamonds

Get Access to our wholesale prices

Shining Star Diamonds offers the best quality melee diamonds in the industry. Our diamonds will stand out to be the best in cut and symmetry. Having a complete control in production starting from rough to a polished diamonds, we guarantee consistency in clarity, cut, colour and diameter. All our diamonds are ethically sourced as we buy rough diamonds from well reputed suppliers around the world. 

Hearts and Arrows

Super-Ideal Cut

Shining Star Diamonds Hearts formation in melee diamonds


A cut above all, precision at its best at shining star.

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Laser cutting melee diamonds at Shining Star Diamonds

In house production

Every single diamond is sorted, polished and mapped in our own factory. With experience of polishing diamonds for around 35 years, we thrive to bring the most innovative techniques in our production.

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