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Buy Melee Diamonds from Diamond supplier

Order Best Quality Natural Melee Diamonds

Shining Star crafts the best quality melee diamonds in the industry, round brilliant cut having ideal cut, excellent polish and symmetry. Buy melee diamonds directly from a trusted manufacturer.

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Choose from our IF-VVS & VVS-VS clarity. All our diamonds are D-E-F Color.


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Choose from 0.90mm to 2.70mm diameter sizes.

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Secured delivery within 5-7 working days. Read our delivery policy here.

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Place orders by precise sieve or wholesale parcels.

Flat lay composition with precious stones and jewelry tools on black leather background, s

Introducing Melee diamond marketplace

For independent workshops, private jewellers, small and medium business in jewellery industry around the world. Get access to best quality VVS melee diamonds in the industry because we don't compromise in quality.


 Save your cashflows by ordering requires sieve with the tolerance from 0.05-0.10mm. 

Diamonds being polished in a diamond polishing machine by shiningstardiamonds

About Us

Shining Star is polishing diamonds since 1985, a well-established manufacturer and exporter of brilliant-cut star and melee diamonds, based in the diamond capital of the world, Surat, India. We believe, precision engineering and a touch of craftsmanship will flourish the quality of a diamond. 

Parameters of our Melee diamonds

Ideal Cut Melee Diamond
Shining Star ideal cut melee diamonds parameters

A full cut melee diamond will have 58 Facets, 32 Crown Facets, 24 Pavilion Facets, a table, and a culet. The top section of a round diamond is called Crown, the bottom of a diamond is called pavilion and the round edge of diamond is called girdle. The end tip of a diamonds is called a culet. 

Pavilion Faceting 

Pavilion faceting is the first step of a melee diamond’s polishing. There are 24 facets in a pavilion section of a diamond. Ideal cut diamonds also called as Belgium cut melee diamonds have an angle of 41° - 42° degrees. It is very important to maintain the degree level between this range for light to perfectly pass through and reflect. The Pavilion depth maintained between 43% - 44%, a perfect depth/height required for ideal cut melee diamonds. 

Crown Faceting

Crown faceting is the second step of polishing a melee diamond. A crown section of an ideal cut melee diamond has 32 facets. At Shining Star, we maintain an angular degree level between 34° - 35° degrees and height of 14% - 15%. For ideal cut diamonds this angular level and height is important to produce a bright diamond.

Polishing Table

Ideal cut diamonds light reflecting back

Too Shallow

Shining Star's Ideal Cut

Too Deep

After faceting crown, the table is polished to give a bright shine. The table size of Shining Star’s Belgium cut melee diamond is between 59% - 60%. The table size should be proportionate to the size of crown and pavilion.  


Last stage of polishing process is girdle. A perfect girdle thickness for Belgium cut diamonds is between 2% - 3%.

Why choose our melee diamonds?

Our IF-VVS melee diamonds will add sparkle and elegance to your jewellery piece. We take good care while polishing our diamonds to maintain the 3*excellent cut and an ideal shape for light to reflect back.
Complementing the centre stone, give a brilliant and luxurious look to engagement rings by setting it around a halo and shoulder of the ring. Our diamonds will give an all-around shine to wedding bands, tennis bracelets and watches. Give an impeccable look to nose pins by adding our flawless and nearly flawless range.

Also, our diamonds are 100% conflict-free. Buy if-vvs melee diamonds from our online store with a minimum order of three Diamonds.


Checkout Our Collection:

Luxury Collection: IF-VVS / D-F | Colourless Eye Clean: VVS-VS / D-F | Colourless SI: VS-SI / D-F

Size: 0.90 - 2.70mm


Gia Standardized

At Shining Star, we maintain GIA standardised parameters while polishing diamonds.
We make sure that every diamond is polished to the utmost precision, maintaining a standard deviation of less than 1% among the facets.
Our quality check ensures all diamonds have excellent polish and symmetry.

Standardized parameters of an ideal cut melee diamonds by shiningstardiamonds

Shining Star 4 C's of Diamonds

Every single natural diamond is mapped, designed, polished and graded in-house. We use well-recognised standards while manufacturing, giving us complete control of the quality and production. Here is the journey of how every Shining Star's diamond goes through

D color rough diamonds by shiningstardiamonds


All our rough diamonds are conflict-free. We have a team of experts who make sure that all of our diamonds are of the highest colour grade which is D-E-F colour. The yellow stones are instantly rejected while assorting rough diamonds

Colour Grading from rough diamonds

Rough Diamonds Assortment by shiningstardiamonds

Our initial colour grading stage starts by assorting rough diamonds. We have an experienced team who will select the best colour grade for rough diamonds.

Color Grading from polished diamonds

Melee diamonds scattered in a tray

The second stage of the colour grading process allows us to perfectly assort the brilliance and sparkle of D-E-F colour. D-E-F colour diamonds are extremely rare, shining star deifies in their grading structure.

Zoomed image of clean IF-VVS Melee diamond

We specialise in providing the highest graded diamonds to our clients ranging from IF- VVS. Every diamond is individually checked by our expert diamond graders and packed according to clients requirements.

Rough diamond inclusions inspection tool used to manufacture melee diamonds by shiningstardiamonds

Identifying inclusions through Automated Detection

 With having all the tools and equipment, our team selects the rough diamonds having least to almost no inclusions. This gives complete control to our diamonds clarity yield.
Before going for polishing, our automated inclusions detection technology allows us to get the best clarity out of a rough stone. This gives us the flexibility to cut diamonds the way where the inclusions get eliminated in the initial stage and also maintain the best symmetry and cut.

Zoomed Image of an excellent and ideal cut melee diamonds by Shining Star Diamonds

Clarity Quality Check

Our experts do quality checks on every diamond before sending the order. We make sure every melee diamond have the best clarity grade of IF-VVS.


Small diamond held by twizzer


Our expertise lies in our excellent polish and symmetry. A small diamond with excellent polish and symmetry will usher timeless shine in any jewellery artefact.

Symmetry of our diamonds

Diamond sawing tool by shiningstardiamonds

A perfectly symmetrical diamond will have a proportionate bright and shine. We use precision engineering tools to achieve a perfect angle of cut.

Diamond laser tool to cut a rough of a melee diamond

We use laser cutting technology to perfectly cut rough diamonds, maintaining the highest degree of perfection.



With the touch of our skilled polishing team, we attain the perfect angle of Crown and Pavilion, a proportionate Table and Girdle size.

Standardized Parameters of Ideal cut melee diamonds used to manufacture and polish melee diamonds by shiningstardiamonds

GIA standardized Quality Check

We perform quality checks on all of our diamonds. We operate on GIA standardised symmetrical features of a round brilliant cut shape, which reflects in our impeccable quality of cut in our star and melee diamonds.

Melee diamond being quality checked by diamond expert. Checking for possible inclusions inside a melee diamonds.


We manufacture diamonds from carat weight ranging from 0.005ct - 0.10ct. Our diamond's diameter ranges from 0.90mm - 3.00mm. We provide bagging services of different sieve sizes according to clients requirements.


Control on Production of Sizes

With complete control over production, we can get the order ready just in time.

Rough diamonds being checked to get the most yield out of it.

Precision Engineering 

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