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Melee Diamonds Sieving and Sorting service at Shining Star Diamonds

 Sieving and Sorting

Order melee diamonds based on different mm requirements for your jewellery and watches. Our sieve precision is from 0.05 to 0.10mm.

Consistent quality in cut proportions, clarity and colour. Every diamond is manufactured in-house starting from rough to polish with access to direct factory prices. 

Quality Check

Buy high quality melee diamonds

Magnified image of 1.4mm diamond from the luxury collection

Our experts do quality checks on every melee diamond before sending the order. We make sure every diamond is perfectly cut and have the highest colour (D-E-F) with clarity grade (IF-SI). 


Elements we check before packing your order:

Perfect girdle, No Broken Tip, No Shallow & Deep Symmetry and 

Perfectly Cut Diamond

Diamonds Quality Check at Shining Star Diamonds
Delivery all over UK, USA, Europe and Canada

Secured Delivery

We deliver the next working day all over UK. For Europe, USA, and Canada we deliver within 4 - 5 working days. 

If you want the melee diamonds delivered to a country not mentioned above, please feel free to drop a message on our live chat.


Upon request, we can provide certification of our melee diamonds to our clients.


To know more about the certification of our diamonds, email us on or you can drop a message on live chat as well.

Certified Melee Diamonds at Shining Star Diamonds


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