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Melee Diamonds: Unsung Heroes of Diamond Industry

Melee is defined as small diamonds which is less than 0.20ct. They can be as small as 0.001ct each. The most popular melee diamond shape is round. These small diamonds are very sparkly and shiny when they are put together. They are sold in multiple quantities and parcels.

Melee Diamond Wholesale Parcel Ready to go for delivery
Colorless Melee diamond Parcel ©

Even though they are small, they come in different quality as well. Just like Big Diamonds, prices of melee diamonds are determined through Colour: D-Z, Clarity: IF – I3, Cut: Excellent – Poor and Carat: Less then 0.20ct. It is very expensive to certify each diamond, gemmological labs do give diamond certificates once they are studded in jewellery. With the growing market of lab grown diamonds, it is important to have a natural diamond certificate these days.

More than 90% of the melee diamonds you see in the market are polished in Surat, India. With constant innovation and expertise, manufacturers at Surat can now polish better quality diamonds then before. Diamond Industry in Surat employees more than half a million people. According to Oxford economic report, which is engaged in global forecasting, Surat is going to be the fastest growing city in the world in 2019-2035 period.

Melee Diamonds are popularly used as side diamonds that go with big diamonds in an engagement ring and wedding band. They can give an extra sparkle to your ring. While they are as small as 0.9mm, they should be consistent in terms of its Cut, Clarity, and Colour. Melee diamonds are a cheaper alternative to give a timeless look to any jewellery design.

Image of diamond necklace, bracelet and earrings
Melee Diamonds shining like a star when clustered together

You can order calibrated round diamonds for your engagement rings, wedding bands and diamonds bands directly from manufacturers. By removing middlemen, you can get benefits in Price and receive a consistent quality of diamonds.

High-Quality Melee diamonds are very popular in high-end fine jewellery market, who ought to give quality to their clients. Especially colourless VVS melee diamonds, which are exceptionally rare in the market. Do you know? Only 2-4% of the small diamonds in the industry are Colourless having IF-VVS Clarity. This gives your clients a feeling of rarity and it acts as a USP to differ from competition. It is also important that your melee diamonds have excellent cut grade because poor cuts and fair cut diamonds does not give an appealing sparkle to your jewellery. The below GIF is a video of diamond nose pin studded with Melee Diamonds from Luxury Collection at Shining Star Diamonds.

GIF Diamond Nose pin made with 0.04ct (each) melee diamonds
Diamond Nose pin made with 0.04ct (each) melee diamonds ©

Due to their small nature, it becomes difficult for a jeweller to check its quality when their sizes go as small as the grain of sugar. It is very important that you receive the correct diamond quality, and you have the right supplier for it. Buy melee diamonds with calibrated sieve size between 0.90-2.70mm. Sieved, Sorted according to your requirements, Quality Checked, and delivered at your address, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


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